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Professional Organization Rates:

Organizational session packages starting at $200 (4 hours) with the option to add additional hours as needed.

Get in touch for discounted fall rates!


Or, get a 15% discount when you book 12 hours or more. Perfect for long-term organizing, estate planning & downsizing.


Sessions are reserved with a $50 booking fee that will be applied to the first visit.


Contact Missy to make your first appointment to get organized!


Cancellation Policy:

Rescheduling must be done within 48 hours of your scheduled session to avoid any cancellation fees. 

Appointments must start within 20 minutes of the scheduled appointment time or they will be considered a missed appointment.  

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15% Off All Items

1 / Home Organizing

Tired of constantly loosing your keys or not being able to find the outfit you want to wear? Our home organization service can help by creating beautiful, sustainable systems to keep your stuff in order based on your specific needs and lifestyle. Areas we organize:

Kitchens, Kids rooms, playrooms, bathrooms, attics, pantries, closets, laundry rooms, bedrooms, garages, basements and craft rooms.

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15% Off All Items

2 / Office organization

We understand that office spaces tend to accumulate things and people have the time to get through it all. Whether you are surrounded by stuff and you just don't know where to put it or you are wanting to downsize or move to a new location- we can help!  Our office organizing service is for clients offices that have become cluttered and challenging. We are here to help you create peace and order by helping you determine what to keep, donate, sell or recycle. Then we will help you find appropriate places for the items that you keep.

3 / Packing & Unpacking
Packed Moving Boxes

15% Off All Items

For many people, moving takes far more work and energy than expected. Moving out? Missy's tidy solutions will help you pack the kitchen, pantry, bathrooms, bedrooms, garage and basements in the most careful and organized way possible. Moving in? Whether you need help simply getting through boxes or just figuring out where to put everything, Missy's tidy solution can help. Contact us if you need help with:

- decluttering before you pack

- creating a packing schedule

- inventory, packing and labeling

- unpacking scheduling and planning

- merging of households

- space planning

- décor arrangement

- donation and disposal of unwanted items

- planning, pricing and display for estate and garage sales

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