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Missy Hughes

Pro Organizer & Tidy Solutions Maven

Meet Missy


Hello! I'm Missy Hughes, Professional Organizer and owner of Missy's Tidy Solutions in St. Louis, Missouri.

My love for organizing began at a very young age. From what my Mom tells me I was constantly finding containers and bags and sorting and organizing my toys and my families things.  In grade school I would go to my friends houses and organize their rooms. Long story short, organizing has always been a passion of mine. 


After years of being a stay at home Mamma I realized that I could use my skills and love for organizing, to help others clear the clutter in their lives.   Since then I have been empowering people to live their best lives by creating organizational systems that prioritize functionality.

With a background in communications, psychology and hospitality, I am able to seamlessly blend these experiences and provide top notch customer service and beautifully organized spaces.

My other interest's include working out, traveling, eating tacos (lots of tacos), gardening and going on adventures with my family.

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