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Missy transforms spaces from cluttered & chaotic to tranquil & tidy.

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Pro Organizer & Personal Assistant
in St. Louis

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Welcome to Missy’s Tidy Solutions – A professional organizer, personal assistant service. From Chesterfield to St. Louis, we bring serenity to your spaces, to help reorganize your home or business so you can spend time doing the things you value most in life. 

Professional Organization in St. Louis

Is clutter a daily distraction? Missy is here to help! Whether you're moving, downsizing, selling your property, or simply seeking a tidier environment, Missy will organize, arrange, declutter, pack, purge, and optimize your spaces while getting rid of things you no longer need (yes - that includes trash, recycling, and donating items!).

Missy brings order to homes, garages, basements, storage rooms, kids play areas, pool/equipment, carriage houses, offices and more. Contact her today to book personalized organization services in St. Louis and regain control over your space.


Our service offers a sensitive, respectful approach to helping individuals facing hoarding challenges, providing the careful support needed to make their spaces more livable, comfortable, and safe.

Personal Assistant Services in St. Louis

Life can get overwhelmingly busy, and Miss is here to streamline your daily tasks. Missy is available to manage your appointments, coordinate household duties, and tackle errands. Missy works around your busy schedule to get things done. Breathe easier knowing your household is in better working order. 

At Missy’s Tidy Solutions, we're committed to enhancing your well-being and optimizing your time. Get started with our professional organization, personal assistant, and cleaning services in St. Louis today and enjoy a more organized, stress-free life!

Discover how Missy can optimize your time and reduce stress.

Kick the chaos. 
Get sorted!

Get every room in your house organized, for a home makeover that prioritizes clutter-free functionality. 

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MISSY creates the organizational systems that make your house a home. 

Busy people have trouble finding time to organize their homes with schedules already jam-packed with work, family, school activities, sports, and self-care. Through these services, Missy empowers busy people to live their best life by making time and space for what matters most.  Our highly recommended professional organizing services bring even the most cluttered rooms to tranquility. 


Book multiple day sessions to transform your space in less time, or schedule consistent organization sessions over a few months or even years to downsize gradually. Room by room, closet by closet!

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15% Off All Items

If I could give Missy 10 stars, I would! She came over and organized my husband's basement workshop area. She was so fast and her organization skills are next level. I could never have done what she did. She's worth every penny!

Jenny H. 

Missy was personal and friendly. I connected to her like she was an old friend.  She made the process easy and created an environment for collaboration between the two of us.  I was impressed by her professionalism and empathy.


Working with Missy is a joy because she is patient, kind and efficient.  She has saved me hours every single day that I no longer have to waste time looking for things I need.


Missy was simply amazing! She was extremely professional, and reasonable! I have already have asked her to come back to do two more rooms at my house! If you are looking to get things organized look no further than Missy's Tidy Solution's!


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